Holiday Ginger Bitters + Recipe

In Ayurveda, taste is divided into 6 rasas or distinct flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. When these six rasas are eaten in balance, your doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha) stay in balance. In some cases, more of one flavor or less of one flavor can balance or create an imbalance for a specific dosha.

In our society, especially when the Holidays are here, we have a lot of sweet in our diet and not a lot of bitter. Naturally, bitters show up in coffee, greens, and cranberries (to name a few.) Bitter flavor tends to be the counterpart of sweet flavors, so when you eat a lot of sweet and don’t take in anything to balance it out, an imbalance occurs. This can result in digestive issues such as bloating and acid reflux.

Interestingly, by consuming bitters, you create a more sensitive palate to sweets making them taste much more rich and most likely, decreases the desire to take in a lot of sweet, because you become satisfied with a small amount.

Fun fact: Not only can consuming bitters train you to take in less sweets, but they also help to detox and cleanse the liver.

Science: When you ingest a bitter flavor, this taste activates the vagus nerve in the spinal column (wow!) which signals the digestive systems to start pumping the digestive juices from each organ.

When the flavor rests upon your taste buds, saliva is increased and pepsin and hydrochloric acid produces in the stomach. The gallbladder, pancreas, and liver are signals to expel their juices. This causes the peristalsis to activate which pushes everything down the colon to make room for food.

If you search around the internet, you can find teas, sprays, and digestive tonics. Some with and some without sugar. Below are the ingredients and a link to the recipe to make your own Ginger Bitters at home. I’m going to try to make some in December and will leave some in the studio for you to try!


(makes about 20 small chews)

Ingredients and materials:

2 c. water

1/4 c. shredded fresh ginger root – packed down

3/4 c. organic cane sugar

1/4 c. honey

1 oz digestive bitters

Powdered sugar for rolling

Candy thermometer

Small saucepan

Small, rectangle glass dish

Parchment paper

Ice water, for the water test

For full recipe, see:

More on bitters:

Digestive bitter tea:

Bitter melon:

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Happy International Yoga Day!

Hi friends!

Today is International Yoga Day, so I hope you’re celebrating by busting a pose or two. I’m still waiting on this baby to show up, so I haven’t felt like doing a lot of movement because of all the pressure. BLEH.

This will be a short simple post, just a couple things I wanted to share.

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Hi friends!

First off, you may have noticed that my blog has changed and is now called “Root to Bloom.” I’ve decided to take myself in the full direction of the wellness niche and incorporate my blog space into that. It’s easier for me to keep things all together and since my life and main focuses go hand-in-hand anyway, it has been making a lot of sense to me. I will miss “a place to flop” but this feels right. I’m working to get a real logo made and then hopefully a website with all my offerings. Exciting, yeah? And officially it is called Root to Bloom Wellness and you can give me a like on Facebook if ya want and stay in the know!

That’s one update.

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