Baby Ro’s Birth Story –

None of my pregnancies have been easy. And only the middle child get’s the award for best delivery. My first boy ended up an emergency c-section (birth plan? Yeah, right.) The second boy was a successful VBAC, but because of one of those tests that you take in the 21st week or so, to test for certain genes etc., came back with some weird numbers, I had to go in for ultrasounds nearly every other week and then weekly nearing the delivery date to make sure he was growing correctly. The third baby, baby Ro, well, he didn’t want to leave. After a week went by past my due date, it was time to make a choice. Scrape membranes? Break water? Use pitocin? Or ultimately, elect for a c-section? All of the “forced” labor options made me cry. I wanted him to come when he wanted to and for me to feel confident in that choice. But I wasn’t.

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Happy International Yoga Day!

Hi friends!

Today is International Yoga Day, so I hope you’re celebrating by busting a pose or two. I’m still waiting on this baby to show up, so I haven’t felt like doing a lot of movement because of all the pressure. BLEH.

This will be a short simple post, just a couple things I wanted to share.

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A Beautiful Dream -A book review! (especially for mamas with goals other than just keeping the kids alive) –

Hi friends!

First off, you may have noticed that my blog has changed and is now called “Root to Bloom.” I’ve decided to take myself in the full direction of the wellness niche and incorporate my blog space into that. It’s easier for me to keep things all together and since my life and main focuses go hand-in-hand anyway, it has been making a lot of sense to me. I will miss “a place to flop” but this feels right. I’m working to get a real logo made and then hopefully a website with all my offerings. Exciting, yeah? And officially it is called Root to Bloom Wellness and you can give me a like on Facebook if ya want and stay in the know!

That’s one update.

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Making Space for Creativity with Fluid Art –

Today, the kids and I woke up, had breakfast, and played with Lincoln Logs. Or rather, they scattered them all around the floor and then asked me to build a house with them, and then proceeded to tear it down as I was building it. Oh, what fun. Afterwards, we cleaned up all the toys and tried to eliminate some excess toys (because everyday I want to get rid of ALL.OF.OUR.STUFF.) My 3-year old did a fine job at helping so the rest of the day has been a “take it easy” kind of day. The weather is nasty out and we are expecting to get some more winter weather tonight – or so the weather people say.

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Hello 2018! Word of the Year: Intentional –

Well, to say the least, I’ve decided to go full force into 2018 with setting and keeping some serious intentions. Last year (actually the last 5-ish years) have been a real doozy. Lots (and lots and lots) of ups and downs which have amounted to a great feeling of being lost, unmotivated, sometimes depressed, sometimes a huge lacking of self confidence and so forth. I’m sure I’ve mentioned all of that before. I really didn’t want this blog to just be a “vent” blog. Anyways, I’m extremely tired of living that way. I’m not sure, well actually I know, that all my days aren’t going to be up days like today while I write this, but if I can just manage to keep getting through the tough days or the not-so-great days, then the important thing is that I keep going – as long as I keep going. 

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